Monday, July 28, 2008

What is True Happiness?

True happiness is not the nonexistence of pain, you cannot have a day after day of transparent skies. Genuine happiness lays in construction a self that stands majestic and determined. Contentment doesn’t mean having a life free of charge from all complexity by that whatever difficulties arise, without being traumatized in the least you can summon up the unflinching courage and conviction to fight and overcome them.

Psychology tell us that to be happy one must

  • have sense of worth example wag mong sirain sarili mo meaning take good care of your self

  • be in power on one’s life also means don't rely on being sad kasi nakita mo yung isang tao maiinis kana at masisira na araw mo, bakit siya ba may control sa buhay mo?

  • have an optimistic point of view always look on the brighter side rather than the bad side of anything... example narin dito yung mga kasamahan mo, don't always criticize but rather see the good side or better yet help them improve themselves if you can (^_^)

  • be dedicated to a righteous intention be a good example kung kaya mo kung hindi then just stay calm and relax but never doing the bad things

  • significant employment and amusement work like you're working with amusement waaa kaya mo yun? I was happy to find the work I want and amuse with the working environment

  • uphold permanent and loving relationships for me keep only positive relationships (^_^) throw away negative

Ultimate happiness is determine by the degree to which we established a solid self. This self is actually true self of one’s life.

I remember my second degree cousin told me her name is Sister Gilda PeƱafiel,I memorize and understood it by heart here are the lines:

Isis Dearest,

Happiness is something created in our mind.
It is not something you searched and so seldom find.
It’s just waking up and beginning the day
By counting our blessings and kneeling to pray
It’s giving up wishing for things we have not
And making the best of whatever we’ve got
It’s knowing that life is determined for us,
And pursuing our tasks without fret, fume or fuss
For it’s by completing what God gives us to do
That we find real contentment and happiness too.

To share with you a beautiful thought that is already a part of me and which can be yours too. God Bless you. ~Sister Gilda, RVM (1998 Letter)

To everyone, happiness and contentment is the key to fountain of youth. Take it from me ~ Aice nice concepts (^_^)

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Friday, July 18, 2008

What is Rebirth and Reincarnation?

One of my officemates and I had a conversation about it this morning since I was early at work 6:50 due to my task in Database downloading anyway, his religion was Buddhism he opened to me what his religion is all about and I was just listening. It seem to me they believe in “what you are in the past is what makes you who you are now” so i asked “you believe in reincarnation then?” he said “no but it is rebirth” oh i see! Hmmm we argued a bit and i told him that rebirth and reincarnation are the same like synonyms... anyway since he was 7am to 4pm shift our conversation was cut.

So here are my research about our topic.

What is reincarnation?
According to Merriam Webster dictionary
Main Entry:
1 a: the action of reincarnating : the state of being reincarnated b: rebirth in new bodies or forms of life; especially : a rebirth of a soul in a new human body
2: a fresh embodiment

So basically I'm right it is the synonym of rebirth, but

What is rebirth?
Merriam Webster dictionary said again that:
Main Entry:
1 a: a new or second birth : metempsychosis b: spiritual regeneration
2: renaissance, revival [a rebirth of nationalism]

hmm pano bah eto halos pareho bah or hindi?

In my opinion yes they are the same but I guess the meaning from his religion may be “not the same”.
This issue is not yet settled but I strongly believe in the Bible and its not written there about reincarnation although the point that “what we are before makes who we are now” i think its what you have chosen in the past like past decision and past mistakes that you should pay now or in the future.
Although in the past life is what makes you are now? Hmmm, ganito
have you ever wonder why you are angry with one person you just met? But you have not seen that person yet you don't have any "compatibility vibes" with the person?
Could it be that person was your enemy in the past?
Or how can you explain that strange feeling when you meet someone and seem "to like/love" him/her right away? Could it be you were mate in the past life?

Haha! (^_^) can you answer those?

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Monday, July 07, 2008

Spending time with My Crush

Don’t know why, all of the sudden, I wished to spend time with my Crush.

Actually, honestly, precisely, seriously …
what you see is what you get! Ahihih!

ok now…

Actually: I have 9 guys that I admire but only one of them is the most.

Honestly, two are in Luzon now but the other one reside here in Mindanao (we met tru blogging) I like the way he thinks, talks, and how he handles his career and life style. He is Good in web developing. And text me every now and then.
While the other one is from Luzon; we knew each other in one organization hindi ko nalang mention what org kasi parang obvious na kung sino eh (^_^) if you were reading my ice 9 web blogs from the beginning you won’t have hard time knowing who he is. He still text me every now and then.

Precisely, two are in Visayas: hmmm the other one I met thru mahiya ako ma buking! … pano kaya hmmm learning? Is a part of … eh…tion? Basta nasa Visayas siya ngayon (^_^)
the other one thru hmmm (madali kasi ma buking eh) lalo na sa mga close friends ko (^_~)
both of them have leadership qualities, one is excellent in computer while the other is not so good in computers but both of them has something that I really admire the most: their attitude, goal, the way he thinks of philosophy and determination in life.
the other one has serious lifestyle while the other one has very occupied lifestyle.

Seriously, five are here in Mindanao:
Ahihih! Lima talaga ano?
Well what can I say, I met so many good nice guys in my circle of friends but most of them are taken (Y_Y)
meaning may girl friend na pero single parin! Kung baga admiration nalang nothing more kapag taken na!
Four of them I met at my work place, (or five bah ^_^)
The other one is accidentally last year 2007 election time; while I was processing my papers after my graduation at the Sanguniang Panglungsod and I was looking for a job in government. Tapos may media pa noon it was ABS-CBN they were monitoring who won in the election. Ewan bakit ako napadaan doon sabi kasi doon pumunta eh, tapos he approached me asking am I looking for something? I said with a smile “yeah a job!”, he laugh and said “ok pass your resume to me I will help you find a job, you want in the government?” I replied “yes sir” he asked for CS exams, license etc… napakita ko TESDA kasi wala pa ako nag CS exam noon eh…

Anyway, I prayed to spend time with my crush.

Most of them, I have already spend time with… and aware now it will be just an admiration and nothing more “ kasi nga may girl friend eh Y_Y grrr good guys are always taken ”.

Only 5 left; (two in Mindanao, two in Visayas, one in Luzon) that I haven’t spend time with… I do not know if they are still single, available or NOT in a complicated relationship.

What a surprise my wish was granted I did spend time with my crush.
The Two guys who are in Mindanao (^_^)
I think if you really ask with all of your heart, your wish will be granted!

But unfortunately I found out thru spending time with them….
First was the other one, was IN a complicated relationship,
while the other one had a wife and kids (T_T) waaa!!!
both of them are taken (again! Wa!)

I will go details in the other one which has more impact because hmmm ewan basta!
He asked me out kasi before, the one I met accidentally, but I said I was busy, since I was really busy (being at night shift and I was the project manager at that time, I really had no time for going out except meeting with admin),
he calls at our house my mother will always answer and said I’m fast asleep kasi nga night shift. Sinasabi lang sa akin ni mama kapag nagising ako which is 6pm! “____ called sino yun?” so I will explain “oh I met him at ____....” wala lang sa akin that time because I know although he was on my crush list it was just an acquaintance call, may be involving me to a government activities which I had no time. He is one of the politician here in our City. There was one time he text me hiring to be his computer secretary, I was surprise didn’t he remember I told him I’m on night shift or maybe he just forgot kasi busy , so I replied “I'm already employed as web developer…”

I received a text from him from time to time but not regularly, I replied some of his text but not all kasi ayoko ma involve sa mga government activities

Then he asked around this month of July, “if we can see each other”, hmmm I finally gave him a chance since he is still on my crush list (^_^) and beside I’m not busy, the time was right, day shift after 5:00pm ok mag-kita.

We went to early dinner around 6pm, I was prepared for KKB ^_^,

Moving on and on , to cut my story short;
This time I guess it will be just friendship he is not on my crush list anymore Waaa! I don’t want to break one of the Ten Commandments “Thou shall not commit adultery”

What happen? Click niyo yung early Dinner date

There are still some guys left I haven’t spend time with personally that are on my crush list . Still wondering what it would be like? To really fall in love (having “personal” relationship)
Hoping one of them will be meant for me. My wishes… (dreams not yet real) .

I learned to open my eyes to all aspects, not only those on my Crush List.
It’s really annoying to be “drop dead” from excitement!

Diba tell me what you’re thinking … have you ever felt that way?


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