Monday, August 18, 2008

Cosplay at Metro Avenue Davao City

Example of Vlog... the Vlog... the vlog... THE VLOG!!!

L of Death Note

altair of assasin's creed

The Finale

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Thursday, August 14, 2008

So Nice Push Lost in Emotions

Now after my birthday I have no post (Y_Y) hmmm I can't express it in words so after searching for the right songs to express it, I finally found some...

Loading music...Please wait... (^_^)

Reggae Yeh!

Last night when I opened the TV there was a song...
"pag-dating ng panahon, baka ikaw rin at ako, baka tibok ng puso mo'y maging tibok ng puso ko, sana nga'y mangyari yun, kahit di palang ngayon, sana'y mahalin mo rin pagdating ng panahon..."
timing pa talaga si Aiza ang kumanta wahahah (^_^) nakakatuwa


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isis insights


Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Happy Birthday Isis

Today is my birthday weeeiii!!!
I had so much fun even though for a budgeted money, I'm happy that my friends understand that fact (^_^)

We had lunch together, for me to say "Thank you" for helping me in many ways you just didn't know and that I truly appreciate your friendship.
medyo budget lang gyud noh pero sige lang next time mag ipon na ta datong (^_^)
I spent so much fun with Mary Dane, Henry, Ronald, Dante, James, Ariel, Jayson, Eric, Jigs, Jacob, and Raphael (^_^) (including me we are all 12 parang 12 disciples wahahah) and of course I was surprise with this picture from... hmmm

When I came back at the office I quickly fix myself (i.e. brush my teeth, etc...) then I was surprise on my YM I have a message from a night shift (^_^) wag ko nalang daw mention sino siya kasi baka pahinawayan do you know what that means pahinawayan?
Here is what he sent to me "attached" in here with all the hearts and my name (^_^) I wanted to post this on my Aice Nice Concepts but I guess since the picture is using my "Isis" name and also last year I have a birthday post in there so dito na muna

Hey! Thank you so much this was a very good surprise, knowing he made that jpeg by himself (sweet ha maka-touch) I thought it is really true if you don't expect someone will give something then there meron kang matatangap.
Mababaw lang talaga kaligayahan ko I may look like "social" because of my skin color and the way I move but deep inside I'm just the "simple" me nothing more but never the less (^_^) some may gave me the impression of soplada, mataray hindi pala pansin.. ala eh hindi niyo lang alam may program tumatakbo sa utak ko in short I'm just thinking of something else, and not that I intentionally didn't mind but sometimes if not often times hindi ko lang talaga napansin nan dyan ka pala? sorry

hmmm... Thank so much guys for the time spent on that lunch you made me happy and to the person who gave me this picture (^_^) maraming salamat talaga you're indeed sweet kaya pala may langgam sa desk ko kanina pag-dating ko sa office ano ulit meaning ng pahinawayan? pwede paki explain po...
officemates help your comment are indeed needed ano un meaning noon?(^_^)

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