Tuesday, December 29, 2009

How to let Go and Let God Take Control

Sweet words are easy to say,
Sweet things are easy to buy,
But sweet people are difficult to find.

Life ends when you stop dreaming,
Hope ends when you stop believing,
Love ends when you stop crying,
And friendship ends when you stop sharing.

To love without condition
To talk without intention
To give without reason
And to care without expectation.

As my Christians friends would say there is no coincidence with God. I finally meditate to completely let go of my special feelings with someone whom I still really care. Every time I remember to pray for him I would divert my prayers to "please God let me just completely forget everything and I do not want to feel anything special help me Lord to completely forget". And that message I received to one of my friends. It spoke to me on how I'm trying hard to Let Go of all the loving feelings.

Isis Insights


Saturday, November 21, 2009

Hananiah 5th Birthday Party Magical Showdown

Whenever we attend a children's party, I find it very relaxing, we can reminiscence the times when we are young and jolly and how children are forgetful and will still love you cause they are so cute angels - alive and kicking.

Anyway, today was a memorable day, one of my prayers were answered (I asked for a sign) Today November 21 is the 1st month of celebration, I made it to one month after all the persecution I experience in my life for the past weeks I made it with happiness and gladness (^_^)

And, today is the birthday of Hananiah its her 5th birthday party it was held in our church at Calvary Chapel. Forgive me for the low quality of videos as I forgot to bring my own camera, all videos here are recorded using my mobile phone Nokia E51.

Magical Showdown in Children Birthday Party (part 1)

Magical Showdown in Children Birthday Party (part 2)

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Monday, September 28, 2009

Pain Killer or placebo effect?

I was searching for painkillers on the Internet and I found one testimony that stated Biogesic or Paracetamol plus caffeine combined is very effective for headaches and body pains. And so, I tried it to believe it and it works (^_^) here are my research for biogesic + caffeine:

Biogesic or Paracetamol = For the relief of minor aches and pains such as headache, backache, menstrual cramps, muscular aches, minor arthritis pain, toothache, and pain associated with the common cold and flu; and fever reduction.
source: http://www.unilab.com.ph/consumer/products_details.asp?eee=650

Caffeine = Restoring mental alertness or wakefulness if you are experiencing fatigue or drowsiness. It may also be used for other conditions as determined by your doctor.

Caffeine is a central nervous system stimulant. It works by stimulating the brain.
source: http://www.drugs.com/cdi/caffeine.html

But, my officemate couldn't believe it and she said that it was placebo effect, hmmm what is placebo effect really?
"The physician's belief in the treatment and the patient's faith in the physician exert a mutually reinforcing effect; the result is a powerful remedy that is almost guaranteed to produce an improvement and sometimes a cure." -- Petr Skrabanek and James McCormick, Follies and Fallacies in Medicine, p. 13.

Now, “placebo effect” is the infinite, visible, or felt improvement in health not because to a medication treatment that has been given.
A placebo (Latin for "I shall please") is a pharmacologically inert substance (such as saline solution or a starch tablet) that produces an effect similar to what would be expected of a pharmacologically active substance (such as an antibiotic).
By extension, "fake" surgery and "fake" therapies are considered placebos.

Well as I said, tried it yourself to believe it too (^_^)

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Monday, September 07, 2009

Sept 7 and Sept 21 declared non-working holidays

Holidays are always a very good news for us employees (^_^) not only do we get some chance to rest we can have 30% additional pay if we do work on Holiday!

And here are news from ABS-CBN:
MANILA - President Arroyo on Friday declared September 7 and 21 as non-working holidays throughout the country.

In a press statement, Malacañang declared September 7 as a national day of mourning for the late Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) leader Bro. Eraño 'Ka Erdie' Manalo. All flags will be flown at half mast on Monday.

The President had earlier declared September 21 as a non-working holiday to commemorate Eid Al Fitr or the end of Ramadan, the Islamic holy month of fasting.

INC spokesman Bienvenido Santiago on Friday announced that "the interment of the late Brother Eraño G. Manalo, Executive Minister of the Church of Christ, will be held on September 7, 2009, Monday, 12:00 noon at the Tabernacle located near the Central Temple."

Santiago said the interment will be held "while awaiting the construction of the mausoleum to which his remains will be transferred."

He said the mausoleum will be built near the monument of the Ka Erdie's father, Felix Manalo, "also within the grounds of the Iglesia ni Cristo Central Complex."

The Philippine Air Lines (PAL) on Friday announced it was offering special discounted tickets for INC members abroad who will be paying their respects to Manalo. PAL Chairman Lucio Tan also paid his last respects to Manalo.

"Upon instructions of our Chairman Dr. Lucio Tan, PAL is offering special discounted ticket prices to INC members who may wish to come home. This is PAL's modest way of showing respect and camaraderie with millions of INC members worldwide who are mourning Ka Erdy's passing," PAL President Jaime J. Bautista said.

source: http://www.abs-cbnnews.com/nation/09/04/09/sept-7-21-declared-non-working-holidays

Now I'm quite confuse, in September 7, 2009 today is this a double pay or just 30% additional?
as said in the news it is really like end of Ramadhan no work and if you work double pay?
hmmm your insights are very helpful.

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Monday, August 31, 2009

The Ultimate Gift

I just finished reviewing the DVD movie titled "The Ultimate Gift" Based on the novel by Jim Stovall.

The DVD was a Birthday gift of Ate Sherry to Virma.

Anyway, to summarize: the moral lesson of the story is to know the value of the 12-gifts these are the gift of work, money, friends, gift of problems, family, learning, laughter, gift of dreams, giving, gratitude, the gift of a day, and the gift of love.

With an all-star cast that includes Academy Award nominee Abigail Breslin / James Garner and Brian Dennehy, this engaging, heart warming drama won the 2006 Heartland Film Festival's Crystal Heart Award and received the Dove Foundation's seal approval.

Based on Jim Stovall's best-selling novel, The Ultimate Gift sends a young man of privilege on an improbable journey. Trust fund baby Jason Stevens (Drew Fuller) loves all life's gifts, as long as they're bankable. But when his wealthy grandfather, Red Stevens (Garner), dies, Jason receives a most unusual inheritance: twelve tasks, which Red calls "gifts", to challenge Jason to grow as a man. If he succeeds, the experience will not only change Jason forever, but he will discover the real meaning of wealth.

Share the Ultimate Gift and Change the World.
click continue to see the trailer...

It's the movie worth watching. Don't miss the gifts. (^_^)

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Friday, August 28, 2009

Round Trip Davao to Cebu Flight Promo

Just recently I was canvasing airplane flights between Cebu Pacific and Philippines Airlines (PAL) we were quite confuse about their respective promos, Cebu Pacific says 30% off but when I clicked the said promo it will asks a promo code at the site before you can avail. Where the heck will I find that promo code?

Now in PAL they also have this promo for Davao-Cebu-Davao flights total of 2,408 round trip (^_^)

The EconoLight in PAL offers 15-kgs. max baggage and it is more cheaper (2,408 round trip Davao-Cebu-Davao) than in Cebu Pacific 30% off which offers 7-kgs. max of baggage (2,428.37 round trip Davao-Cebu-Davao)

Here are the screenshot of the purchase and breakdown in Philippines Airlines (PAL):

And if you want the most cheapest Airlines? It's Zest Air which offer 1,916 for the round trip in Davao-Cebu-Davao Cash only no credit card none refundable, no change of flight date, no upgrade. Well all these "none and no" are actually the same in PAL EconoLight conditions except that you can use credit card in PAL.

For more details in PAL

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Is God Good?

You can say God is Good but why am I in this situation?

When Joseph (the dreamer) was in imprison he wonders Where is God?

But Joseph was model in the imprison and he runs the prison.

We ran to problems and basically our problems is running to God. We believe God is good and that is another problem. I believe God control our situation in life and challenge our whole faith in God and concept in Him.

A person look at the bad situation in their life and say God doesn't love me and God is not good. And they will judge God in their insufficient data.

Our problem is that we can not see tomorrow and we are in this chapter "I'm miserable" and God is not good. Don't you know God has a plan and God has a purpose in your life. God is working in our life. And even now wait for the next chapter and see. He might work out.

What was Joseph secret?

He never loose faith in God. You may not understand our situation today you may go through the worse situation but God has perfect plan and you will be thankful you didn't jump out and close the book.

I'm so glad I put my trust in the Lord and my life is more blessed. My sorrow and happiness is through Jesus.

[Disclaimer: All written here are from my notes in radio ministry 104.3 the Edge FM during Saturday 7:00am]

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Monday, June 01, 2009

Virmalene Tipon and Ptr. Edging Tariman Wedding

Virmalene Tipon and Edging Tariman Wedding,tipon and tariman nuptialsI had an awesome time! Unforgettable memories... Two of my christian friends Virmalene and Edging wedding, I spent one of my 5 vacation leave just to witness the memorable moment of their life, so I guess you'll know how I treasure our friendship.
Virmalene Tipon and Edging Tariman Wedding,tipon and tariman nuptialsAlso, I want to thank my current client now William, I only told him once last month, and we have tremendous tasks, if he didn't want me to take a leave I wouldn't push it, I was praying and thank God, William was the one who reminded me to take a vacation leave in order to attend

Anyway one of my favorite song from Shania Twain "Forever and for Always" and I was really touch when they played "From this Moment" also from Shania Twain so romantic. Overall I was amaze the feeling of true love in the air click continue to see small video I made
I am going to be the next bride aheheh (^_^) I still have no boy friend or so just thinking positive lang, anyway, here are the pictures and video I made.

Isis Insights,virmalene tipon and edging tariman wedding,tipon and tariman nuptials


Friday, May 15, 2009

MouseHunt on the Move!!!

Surprisingly these mouse really doesn't look like mouse at all (^_^)
See for yourself

What do you think?
are they cute or not (^_^)

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Friday, April 24, 2009

General Assembly with the owner of Eversun Software Philippines Corporation

Here is the Slide show of our picturials in General Assembly of Eversun Software Phils. Corp. with the owner Danny Sullivan
He took sometime to watch agents in their tasks and gave us some advice

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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Britt Nicole | Set the World on Fire

I like this song these days can't get it off my head (^_^) check it out and see for yourself

What do you think?

Isis Insights, Britt Nicole | Set the World on Fire


Tuesday, April 07, 2009

2009 Araw ng Kagitingan Celebration

I was very surprise this morning, I thought the Araw ng Kagitingan holiday was celebrated yesterday since they made it a Holiday... they can do all the stuff they wanted to do like parade if ever or any celebration, but what the heck! it was this morning???
Oh I was stranded in Freedom Park (rotonda) from Acacia St. going to Ponciano St.
t'was a good thing I brought my videos because I got some tutorial videos needs to be fix (task related) Here is my video of the Araw ng Kagitingan celebration...

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Monday, March 30, 2009

Aice first Nice Notes on Radio Ministry

While I'm listening on the Calvary Chapel Radio Ministry I thought of making some few notes. Here goes...
People are drawn to Jesus to follow Him, He has the gladness, if you look to Him you would want to be more like Him. To have that kind of law to produce that kind of fruit, we have the opportunity to be like Him.

Jesus was presecuted because he healed people on sabbath day. He explained that's what my Father (God) do. He has His relationship with his Father and Reflection of the Father. Jesus explained to the high Priest "I just do what my father does. Things will go on on sabbath day. My father works therefore I work." The Jewish got angry because Jesus is not only working on sabbath day but making Himself equal to God. Continualy making himself equal to God. Jesus said "Barely I say unto you the son can't do anything except with the father"

We can't do anything without God.

Jesus was a son of Man who empty Himself and goes with God without sin that's why He can heal.

Listen to 104.3 FM The Edge radio. Affiliated to United Christian Broadcasting (UCB).

Isis' Insights, Aice first Nice Notes on Radio Ministry


Sunday, March 15, 2009

Aice Poem Tonight

Tonight I can't sleep right away,
Tonight my mind is floating far away,
Tonight I keep on denying this thought that say...
I want to be with you,
Do you feel the same way too?

Isis Insights, A poem Tonight


Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Year 2009 Expectations

Big Mak Blog ContestThis year 2009 expectations hmmm... I told my blog mate I don't have any expectations... It's kinda hard for me to expect anymore when I already trained myself not because I learned from reading the Bible don't expect but to put thy trust in God so whatever may happen its God's will and not to put us too much hurt from not fulfilling our expectations.
To change the topic, since I'm joining The Big Mak Blog contest and it's a must to do the number 1 - writing about expectation for this year. . .
Well I hope for more spiritual maturity, changes for the better not just looking good, physicaly healthy but more importantly Spiritually Healthy. Let God touches my heart and mind and all those I came it contact with that we all may live peacefuly with each other... I'm working hard for it by attending Bible study in Calvary Chapel to learn more about God's word and not just by sitting/asking for miracles to happen.
So those are my expectations from my effort in studying the Bible.
Still hmmm wait... I do expect to ... (^_^)
I do hope to win win win!!!


Winners for the first five grand prizes will be determined by points. The first five bloggers who have the highest points will win. Winners of the five grand prize are not eligible for the consolation and special prize.

1st prize, $110, 20K EC credits, 5 ad spots, Domain and Blog Hosting
$10 and 1000 EC Credits from Pinoy Blogger in Singapore
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Friday, February 20, 2009

Jean Diaz surprises

This morning was one of the surprising day for Jean Diaz, also one of my seatmates (^_^) she had...

a flower, love letter with chocolate weeeiii! nice noh! so sweet (^_^) the picture here is stolen shot sshhh! wag kayo maingay...aaahihih!

Isis Insights


Saturday, February 14, 2009

Isis' Insights Valentines Day

Today is one of the peaceful day in my life. Though I have some invitation from friends but my body is still recuperating from February 8, Eden Nature Park accident so I chose to stay at home.

Anyway from Isis' Insights;
HAPPY VALENTINES' DAY to all of my readers I LOVE YOU.
Always take good care. God Bless.

Isis Insights, Happy Valentines Day


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Pet Society in Facebook

Pet Society in Facebook can relax your mind specially in so busy programming tasks.

What is Pet Society in Facebook all about?
well do you know Tamagochi?

It is like Tamagochi but more colorful, not only can you let your pet eat, play but also buy (using Gold) things for your pet like dress, shirt, shoes and even house furnitures and more...

The picture herein is my pet Maximus now named BebehGandangReyna and her neighbor Lambing, whenever you let your pet visit neighbors and friends' house you will earn 20 to 10 gold coins and 5 experience points, and if you let your pet go to the stadium to play with other pets, upon winning you will earn 30 gold coins and 20 experience points.

Now back to the picture, can you guess who is sitting in the middle?

I was amused with this mystery hmmm...

By the way, if you want to gain more experience points to make your house grow bigger, play at the stadium or challenge other pets, and visit more houses over and over again.

Join Pet Society in Facebook and know who is this mystery sitter (^_^)

There are more in Pet Society that what I have mentioned here so just try it yourself. Visit facebook.com and setup an account if you don't have any, then find my profile copy paste this URL:
or search for the name "Aice Lahora" then add me, you will then see my pet "BebeGandangReyna" at my profile.

See yah (^_^)


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Barack Obama Inauguration

Barack Obama InaugurationI heard in the news that President Barack Obama of USA was the 44th president and made the inauguration on December 20, 2009 around 12:00noon, it was also the same time and date that our President Arroyo had her inauguration.

I already saw inauguration's full video in Facebook at Funspace (sayang hindi ma copy paste dito) still looking for the videos with codes so to post it in here for my record.


Thursday, January 08, 2009

Sunglasses with Portable TV

Oh NICE!!! Now we can watch TV, play DVD and VCD in any positions even while walking galing noh! but these kind of gadgets is NEVER DRIVING Friendly so please don't use this while you're driving... Here is what I'm talking about...

The Vuzix’s Wrap 920AV high-tech sunglasses look like other video eyewear products. They can display video and play audio when plugged into a digital music player, portable DVD player or laptop (via S-Video port).

But the glasses also feature proprietary “quantum optics technology” that allows you to also see what’s in front of you. That way, you can keep an eye out for a friend without missing the latest episode of Dexter.

As with past Vuzix models, these twin high-resolution displays (640 x 480 pixels) also support 3-D video (sample content can be downloaded from the company’s website). An optional Bluetooth-based head-tracking sensor lets you experience virtual, augmented and mixed reality environments.
source: http://blogs.usatoday.com/technologylive/2009/01/walk-and-watch.html

Now who can ask for more?

I just realize the new technology are pampering people so much, I do hope that all these kind of gadgets are properly use and not abuse.

You can also see the smallest and lightest laptop these days click here na (^_^).
and also the amazing star wars toy: Training to become a Jedi "Will the Force be with you?"


Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Nice Video in Blue Jaz Samal Island

This video is composed of the Bachelor of Science in Computer Technology (^_^)
do you want to see it?
click na...

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Thursday, January 01, 2009

Peoples Park in Davao City

Finally I have been to Peoples Park in Davao City this wasn't planned at all it was spontaneous, my classmates text me to see each other at Peoples Park but actually I have plans to deliver my officemates' Avon orders, since Peoples Park is also near between Avon and our office. . .

so I arrange with my officemate who is on vacation leave to see each other in Peoples Park (^_^)

From Avon I walked straight to Peoples Park and I was alone didn't know where's the entrance??? the first thing I saw was "EXIT" when I asked the guard he said it was on the other side! whew! walking... walking... whew!

Anyway, when I saw the "Entrance" it was a relief, then I took some pictures:

This is what you will see in the Entrance upon entering

Peoples Park in Davao City

Peoples Park in Davao City

Peoples Park in Davao City

And when Mary Dane Masinadiong and I saw each other (^_^)

Peoples Park in Davao City

picture picture more pictures (^_^)

Peoples Park in Davao City

Peoples Park in Davao City

Peoples Park in Davao City

Peoples Park in Davao City

Peoples Park in Davao City

I haven't seen the entire park yet as I said it wasn't planned to go in Peoples Park and I was planning to meet up with Elvie for MTS... hope to go back in Peoples Park to explore some more.


Aice Nice Concepts in Careers

Ice9web Blog