Monday, June 01, 2009

Virmalene Tipon and Ptr. Edging Tariman Wedding

Virmalene Tipon and Edging Tariman Wedding,tipon and tariman nuptialsI had an awesome time! Unforgettable memories... Two of my christian friends Virmalene and Edging wedding, I spent one of my 5 vacation leave just to witness the memorable moment of their life, so I guess you'll know how I treasure our friendship.
Virmalene Tipon and Edging Tariman Wedding,tipon and tariman nuptialsAlso, I want to thank my current client now William, I only told him once last month, and we have tremendous tasks, if he didn't want me to take a leave I wouldn't push it, I was praying and thank God, William was the one who reminded me to take a vacation leave in order to attend

Anyway one of my favorite song from Shania Twain "Forever and for Always" and I was really touch when they played "From this Moment" also from Shania Twain so romantic. Overall I was amaze the feeling of true love in the air click continue to see small video I made
I am going to be the next bride aheheh (^_^) I still have no boy friend or so just thinking positive lang, anyway, here are the pictures and video I made.

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