Saturday, February 26, 2011

Old Vienna Rudolf Golez Concert in Davao City

Alt Wien (Old Vienna) for the PianoBeing a classical piano player, and learned about Franz Liszt during my childhood years when I was still studying at Fernandez Piano School. I started when I was only 5 years old, stopped my lessons when the school closed, but continued after 5 years - tutorial lessons at home from a student who also graduated from the said school. If I remember it right I call her Ms. Cadeleñia (not sure if I spelled the surname right because that was more than 10 years ago) stopped my lessons with her when I was 17 after finishing the orange piano book. She told me to continue learning and practice everyday I did, and can play tango "La Cumparsita", Für Elise-Bethoven, and favorite piano pieces I mostly played are from the modern classical composer Richard Clayderman.

Our piano got damage due to too much flood in our house and then I stopped playing the piano when I was 22. Wasn't able to practice everyday anymore because I started learning Dbase III plus from my dad, and all other database programming languages. And also I was fascinated with the Internet that time and so many new things happen in my life like started to help my dad with his computer tasks.
And so forth till I was learning website developing. Then I started college upto the time I graduated -wasn't able to play the piano, oh! I never played the piano for more than 7 years straight upto now I don't have any proper practice because our piano is still damage.

My goal is to repair our piano get back and recall all the moments when I can play the fast running pace of fortessimo, allegro and vivance.

God do give us the talent we take good care and needed in our life. And if we don't use it wisely God will take it out of us. Though in my case not completely, because I'm using my musical talents now in worship band. And I can read piano notes and understand the pitch, tone timing and beat. But my hands can't play the piano and guitar as I used to do.

These days I'm into drums and backup singer. In our band, you can never be a lead singer while doing drums uhmm I haven't heard someone has done it. (Though may be. . . is it possible do the drums and lead singer? (^_^)

Anyway here is my recorded Rudolf Golez concert:

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