Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Unexpected Holy Gift

Yesterday, I go to the office as I usually do Monday to Friday but I have a special plan in the afternoon after work: to go at PCBS

and see the Holy Bible... it was the smallest Bible as they said and New King James version words of Christ in red with magnifier included, to my curiosity I wanted to see it for myself and may be buy it...and also yesterday was the coming back of Valerie Joy after her one week sick leave. As soon as I saw her I said "hey welcome back! where have you been?" so she explained she was on sick leave.

Now, around four O'clock in the afternoon (yesterday), Valerie Joy pop up on my YM chat and told me not to go home right away because she has something to give...
I reply, yeah!? what ano unsa? ^_^ with all the smiling face...
(I was thinking that it was just a joke or whatever ^_^)
then she replied with a smile...
and I replied to her "I'm really in a hurry to go out because I wanted to see the Bible in PCBS Bonifacio ..."
and you know what she replied to me at chat???

she got to my station and handed me something in blue plastic when I saw it and hold it I knew it was something special.. because it is like a book hard bound and heavy, so I thought "waaa ano eto Bible???" so I look at my back where she sat and said personally "hala Val ano eto? waaaa Bible ni siya?"
nagreply lang siya with a smile ^_^
I was so surprise that I really don't know what to say except "thank you" and nothing more (kasi hindi ko pa binuksan eh pa trilling effect kasi) tapos sabi ni Roy sa akin "ano yan? bigay ni Val?" sabi ko "oo" sabi niya "patingin nga" so I open it pero not to the extend to really open it all the way then Roy said "parang completo ata yan ha" sabi ko "anong completo meron pala hindi completo?" he just laugh a bit and said "lets go na".
Cesar was already there beside us and ask if we are coming with him "I though sa bigat ng dala ko ngayon yeah I surely need a ride" so i replied "yah! musabay gyud ko" ^_^ ...
then when I got home and open it to see the book (it was really heavy) it was not just a Holy Bible but a Quad Combination of LDS Holy Bible, Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Convenants and Pearl of Great Price...
wow!!! I felt so overwhelm and very surprise! I should have opened it at the office and tell her personally and let her see in my face how surprise I was.
So here it is I'm blogging it now to let her know Thank you so much Valerie ^_^
like what I said "mubawi lang gyud ko nimo sa ibon" ^_^ gets mo na yun divah ^_^



val said...

hihihi ;) you're super, super welcome ice. :D I'm happy you liked it.

Roy L. Besiera said...

WoW ni appear ning imong post sa akong wordpress incoming links :p backlink na sad ni ice? hihi

Pangutana lng sa ako-a kung naa na pud kay question kay malay nimo kabalo diay ko sa tubag :) yaw worry dli ta sa wikipedia mo reference, ikaw pili asa haha.

Basaha sad ang Book of Mormon kay interesting sad ng mga experiences sa mga prophets dinha. Basta, mura lng na silag search engine kaso puro PR 10 :)

Backlink na pud :)

Aice Nice Concepts said...

Wow thanks sa mga comments
^_^ waz na ako ma say except salamat! ^_^

sure bah basta may tanong ako tanong ko lang kay ARLB naks!
yan backlink na pud para sa imo ^_^

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