Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Adventure of Isis' Life

What’s up with my life these days?
Ha! You can’t just imagine. Why? Because you can’t see me (^_^)

Anyway I should have a long vacation leave after all the working office then home then office then home again.. you can say I’m a workaholic.

When I’m at home I don’t have I-net connection. T_T too bad!
I do my posting and writing it ahead of time in my desktop save it at flash drive and post it here as soon as I get to work. Which I usually arrived very early to mingle with my office mates and update my blogs.

These days I’m so into improving my web developing skills just can’t get enough there are so many platforms namely Blogger (which I love most), Wordpress (I’m still mastering), Drupal (neophyte still learning) and Joomla (my next adventure)

Basically you can expect my less posting in my Blogger blogs but I will never leave my blogger behind.

Let me speak in Tanglish (^_^)

Meron pa akong Squidoo blog weeiii I’m maintaining kasi I’m earning on this blog ha kahit maliit lang never the less may kita talaga ako dito. I’m planning to make another lens on my squidoo kaya lang ang hirap na mag maintain… sobra nang dami wwweeeiii nakakatuwa (^_^)



Keith said...

Maybe I am not as old as I feel, but I see that trail of pictures above, and realize how many pictures I could put in my progression.

You have a fun blog. I thank you for sharing.

Aice Nice Concepts said...

oh yeah ^_^ you have seen that pictures on my
thanks for the insights keith (^_^)

Atniz said...

blogspot blogs always my favorite and my first ever blog experience with. No matter we deal with how many blogs software (wordpress/etc) blogspot will not be forgotten. This is where we build our base to become a serious blogger. Anyway, try to post at least 10 post a month. That is good enough. Happy blogging and good luck with your wordpress learning.

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