Friday, November 21, 2008

Christmas Vacation Leave

December is almost near... I have been waiting for the Vacation Leave... All I wanted was to rest and rest...

Christmas Vacation leave is where we spend most of the time with family/friends classmates reunion because it is also the time where we can consume all our Vacation leave in case you are saving it for important purposes.

I have plans to spend my vacation leave with classmates reunion... hopefully things will be go through as planned.

Anyway to change my topic this morning I received a cute gift from Jean Diaz...Thank you so much Jean (^_^) her gift was simple yet it can touch a heart and this afternoon I received the awaited letter from Nokia (^_^)

Christmas Vacation Leave

Christmas Vacation Leave



jean said...

wow.. "gwapa" lagi ang signature aice? nyahehhehe

happy Christmas!

Texas Wanderer said...

Wow, I wish we got a Christmas vacation. Instead they block us from taking extra days off during the holidays, even if you have earned them.

Aice Nice Concepts said...

yeah gwapa man gud ang nag hatag (^_^)

Texas Wanderer,
Yeah how I wish we got more Xmas Vacation Leave

grace said...

Christmas vacation was really my favorite time of the year. I could go to my mom's place and spend the entire two weeks with her.

Aice Nice Concepts said...


yeah its very nice to spend it with family

Christmas Vacations said...

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