Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tagalog Speaking Foreigners

I was so surprise to see and hear that foreigners from USA and Russia are so interested in speaking our national language Tagalog... this was given to me by Mike Sasuman. . . Here are some videos...

They are so good in Tagalog grammar... mga Filipinos, Bisaya mainly, kaya ninyo yun? (^_^) ahihih galing eh



ka bute said...

baka kasi balak na rin nilang mag-5-6 dito. hehehe.

Aice Nice Concepts said...

ka bute,

wahahah baka nga (^_^) but they are indeed very good

Texas Wanderer said...

Its nice when a foreigner knows your language. I'm quite horrible at English, and struggle even worse with other languages.

Once when I was getting quite harassed by street vendors in Manila, I yelled, "Hindi ako turista! Pinoy ako!"

My wife later told me I had it mixed up just a bit and I needed to work on my Bisaya.

ANC in Careers said...

Texas Wanderer,

I myself thought you were an American because of your blog... all the words are complete English (^_^)
anyway its ok native usually knows thru accent you use... they would judge a person is a foreigner.

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