Friday, February 20, 2009

Jean Diaz surprises

This morning was one of the surprising day for Jean Diaz, also one of my seatmates (^_^) she had...

a flower, love letter with chocolate weeeiii! nice noh! so sweet (^_^) the picture here is stolen shot sshhh! wag kayo maingay...aaahihih!

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Anonymous said...

Muhahahaha!!! Oh yeah!!! *stolen shot~^,*

Jean said...

hala uie.... pwd maulaW? harhar.. hmmft.. 40% surprise lng ice..kasi..kasi.. always man na naay flower dire sa akong unit kung dili flower chocolate or etc.. :))

hmmm pangatlong flowers na ito,, ;)

salamat sa pag broadcast.. it touches my skin.. harhar..


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