Monday, March 30, 2009

Aice first Nice Notes on Radio Ministry

While I'm listening on the Calvary Chapel Radio Ministry I thought of making some few notes. Here goes...
People are drawn to Jesus to follow Him, He has the gladness, if you look to Him you would want to be more like Him. To have that kind of law to produce that kind of fruit, we have the opportunity to be like Him.

Jesus was presecuted because he healed people on sabbath day. He explained that's what my Father (God) do. He has His relationship with his Father and Reflection of the Father. Jesus explained to the high Priest "I just do what my father does. Things will go on on sabbath day. My father works therefore I work." The Jewish got angry because Jesus is not only working on sabbath day but making Himself equal to God. Continualy making himself equal to God. Jesus said "Barely I say unto you the son can't do anything except with the father"

We can't do anything without God.

Jesus was a son of Man who empty Himself and goes with God without sin that's why He can heal.

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