Sunday, July 19, 2009

Is God Good?

You can say God is Good but why am I in this situation?

When Joseph (the dreamer) was in imprison he wonders Where is God?

But Joseph was model in the imprison and he runs the prison.

We ran to problems and basically our problems is running to God. We believe God is good and that is another problem. I believe God control our situation in life and challenge our whole faith in God and concept in Him.

A person look at the bad situation in their life and say God doesn't love me and God is not good. And they will judge God in their insufficient data.

Our problem is that we can not see tomorrow and we are in this chapter "I'm miserable" and God is not good. Don't you know God has a plan and God has a purpose in your life. God is working in our life. And even now wait for the next chapter and see. He might work out.

What was Joseph secret?

He never loose faith in God. You may not understand our situation today you may go through the worse situation but God has perfect plan and you will be thankful you didn't jump out and close the book.

I'm so glad I put my trust in the Lord and my life is more blessed. My sorrow and happiness is through Jesus.

[Disclaimer: All written here are from my notes in radio ministry 104.3 the Edge FM during Saturday 7:00am]

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