Friday, August 28, 2009

Round Trip Davao to Cebu Flight Promo

Just recently I was canvasing airplane flights between Cebu Pacific and Philippines Airlines (PAL) we were quite confuse about their respective promos, Cebu Pacific says 30% off but when I clicked the said promo it will asks a promo code at the site before you can avail. Where the heck will I find that promo code?

Now in PAL they also have this promo for Davao-Cebu-Davao flights total of 2,408 round trip (^_^)

The EconoLight in PAL offers 15-kgs. max baggage and it is more cheaper (2,408 round trip Davao-Cebu-Davao) than in Cebu Pacific 30% off which offers 7-kgs. max of baggage (2,428.37 round trip Davao-Cebu-Davao)

Here are the screenshot of the purchase and breakdown in Philippines Airlines (PAL):

And if you want the most cheapest Airlines? It's Zest Air which offer 1,916 for the round trip in Davao-Cebu-Davao Cash only no credit card none refundable, no change of flight date, no upgrade. Well all these "none and no" are actually the same in PAL EconoLight conditions except that you can use credit card in PAL.

For more details in PAL

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