Saturday, November 21, 2009

Hananiah 5th Birthday Party Magical Showdown

Whenever we attend a children's party, I find it very relaxing, we can reminiscence the times when we are young and jolly and how children are forgetful and will still love you cause they are so cute angels - alive and kicking.

Anyway, today was a memorable day, one of my prayers were answered (I asked for a sign) Today November 21 is the 1st month of celebration, I made it to one month after all the persecution I experience in my life for the past weeks I made it with happiness and gladness (^_^)

And, today is the birthday of Hananiah its her 5th birthday party it was held in our church at Calvary Chapel. Forgive me for the low quality of videos as I forgot to bring my own camera, all videos here are recorded using my mobile phone Nokia E51.

Magical Showdown in Children Birthday Party (part 1)

Magical Showdown in Children Birthday Party (part 2)

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