Sunday, February 19, 2012

God's Help

God's help is all I need.
I was listening to Ptr. Chuck Smith ministries online
As at the moment, I'm still in process of healing myself from the discouragement... I don't want to be so obvious to others as I see they are looking up on me maybe or maybe not...

then I heard this lines Ptr. Chuck Smith said:
God gives on promises of success, but what if God will give you a task to do that you know you will fail?

No man lives for himself you have influence over others and however you live does affect others around you, its a lie of satan to say that your sin can only affect you, it does affect others.
Your actions can affect others.

It's the Lord mercy that we are not consume. God faithfulness and compassion are renewed everyday.

The righteous judgement of God.

Just when I was thinking of giving up my ministries, quit, should I or should I not?
For just a reason of discouragement I will quit?
those lines gives me the sign of not to quit from Ptr. Chuck Smith, oh well... God help me...

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