Saturday, August 01, 2015

Birthday Wish

My Birthday is coming...
coming very soon... wish I can get ...

My Birthday Wish...

I have been praying about it for a long time (since 2008). And, this year is like the 7th year that I'm wishing for it... sometimes it makes me think that God's answer is maybe "No" instead of "wait"? ... oh here I go again with the negative thoughts!

My questions are: why is it that whenever things are getting right, it is slowly falling apart? Is it really right? or is it wrong? If it's really wrong then why does it feel so right?

Out of nowhere I saw in one of facebook post a picture that hit me straight into my head and heart!
This may be a sign that its time for me to really LET IT GO as in totally let go of that wish... I did tried my best to be able to have that wish... guess it not meant to be. So it is time to let it go, accept the fact that this is it.

Anyway, I still need to focus myself on Google Analytics Academy... whew! I still have 3 courses to go... hmmmm... I should not over think right? (^_^)

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