Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Happy Birthday Isis

This year birthday, I don't have plans of having a big celebration. All I need is to be with good friends who knows me inside-out and spend time at the beach.

I also have turned off the birthday notification in my Fb so to know whom among my friends really know my special day. In short, I wasn't expecting any greetings.

I woke up this morning with an early alarm around 3:30am (because we have plans to go to the beach just me, Mary and her sister), the first cellphone text message I received, was from my good friend Belle Joy. I was so surprised by her greetings that I replied her with a funny English message "I don't remember you remember my birthday" lolz (^_^)

What I meant by that was, "I can't remember the last time you greet me on my birthday!"... Anyway...
After, replying the said text, I checked my Fb and saw posting to timeline approval photo from Joana.

I am thankful for all the sweet surprises God has given me, then I thought what if this will be my last birthday?
Never been kissed and touch... totally preserve physically?
Then when I looked at my android. I saw all the coincidence number of 5!
So I took this as screenshot as this moment only happens once in a lifetime.

I change my Fb profile this afternoon after talking to Joana at Skype. She really made my day. I was laughing and very touch from the video she made for me. So, I want to make this moment last by taking a photo of us and changing my profile pic in Fb.
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