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Eversun Software Philippines Corp. (History) Anniversary

Finally after 12-months of service the Eversun Software Philippines Corporation has celebrate its first year anniversary.
When I first started on Eversun Software Phils Corp we were only 5 employees, am originally assigned at night shift as web developer the office opened May 12, 2007 as Kuya Mike said but it was only to arrange the place for the official opening on May 15, 2007
Eversun Software Philippines Corporation anniversary is really on May 15, 2007 but we only celebrate it on May 17 Saturday so that every employees will be able to attend without office work.

I can remember on my first day am shock to see that we were only 5! yours truly, Cesar, Ate Gladys, Marites and Mark (actually 6 I remembered there was a writer Felixberto Tero but he only stayed on my first night then resigned afterwards) I started June 29, 2007 that was Friday (and the last day of Felixberto).

We had our first official night shift meeting July 2, 2007 and the attendee was us (five agents) and Ma'am Antonietta and Ma'am Merju our Branch Manager, we held it at Jollibee in the middle of the night around 12:00mn, Ma'am Ju told me in the meeting that I was her first hired agent during her term and that was the reasons for my double exams and interview, (I was given an exam with Ma'am Cora way back May 2007 from the previous Branch Manager) and also the policy "Trainee status" for one month will be implemented to me her first hired agent (malas ba or swerte?) and she also told us what the policies are, and who we're going to contact in case we have problems at night without their presence (Ma'am Ju and Ma'am Net) and to assist new incoming agents next next week.

So basically we were together the five of us for two weeks before Melissa, Micheal Wales, Elvie, Cliff and Wilmer came...

I have fun with my tasks as web developer, my first client let me develope a college packet website (USA State Universities) from the scratch, I did everything from designing of the site to the graphics i.e. header, logos and even the banner ads. Also during the night imagine it is very quiet [my only chat mate that time was Jehz my good friend also a web developer] I can remember how I kept on complaining to him and his girl friend, all the people here are so quiet, we barely even look at each other's face, not a single word was uttered for the whole night up to the sun rise!
They also kept on advising me "ganyan talaga kapag night shift kasi inaantok na mga tao masasanay ka din... sabi ko "hindi ako inaantok ha! curious lang ako may tao pa ba dito or baka mga robots etong kasama ko ayaw talaga magsalita eh work ng work!" (^_^)"

At the first week nobody was talking except me and Cesar. I can remember we were both given a warning to refrain from talking because since there was no radio, not a single noise except our conversation can disturb writers with us. (yan kasi bleh! pinalayo na tuloy seats namin ni Cesar, lisod man gud mag-share insights via chat you can't even see the website diba? hayz sige nalang)

Anyway, now we are 133 agents! wow imagine after one year 133 na kami weeiii! we celebrate it on the roof top of our office Diamond building along Matina, MacArthur HighWay Davao City branch (of course ^_^).

I was surprise I don't know all of the agents but basically kabisado ko mga pioneering employees day and night... Oh I was transfered at day shift on December 17, 2007 (kasi night PM ako noon and kailangan daw mag shift kami ni Melissa day PM) then until such time bumalik narin ako sa Web Developing, na miss ko talaga websites I was happy Ma'am Ju granted my request to be back on my usual tasks as web developer.

Then after some time the PM position was deleted, wala na daw Project Manager but they slice that position into two: Agent Supervisor (AS) and Client Relation Officer (CRO)
Medyo mahirap maging PM sa night kasi not only I supervise but am also the Trainor for all position of the new agents (Link Builder, Site Admin, Web master, web developer, graphic artist and Virtual assistant) as well as TechAdmin to troubleshoot the PC's and make sure the Internet is working properly and also talk to the clients for their complaints (between 6am to 7am because Iloilo admins are no longer around hayzz) I have so much experience in that span of four months handling 37 agents. sobrang dami akong natutunan not only did I saw their true colors (the ones that I thought are "my friends" who will understand and hopefully guide me) and also saw the "true meaning" to those I never thought "will be a true friend" to someone who needs help.

On the other hand, t'was a good thing nowadays our company has TechAdmin at night but that was after I became a day time Web Developer agent.

ok to cut my story...

basta Madaming nangyari sobrang dami...
from happiness to loneliness...

I guess those experiences are really part of every (companies') life cycle (up and down and turn it all around ^_^) ang saya noh!

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Aice Nice Concepts said...

my insights on our company... anniversary, parties and every events (^_^)

just click the related posts

jean said...

good for you aice:D grabe nkayanan mo lahat ng iyon??

Aice Nice Concepts [Ice 9 web] said...

yup nakaya ko (^_^) kasi kasi kasi
hmmm I really wanted to help and when Ma'am Ju talked to me, I know they needed my skills.

Princess Cinderella said...

hello ice...mag comment ko ha..well congrats kay 1 year na sad d i kah diri.Nakaya gyud nimo maski mura kag bola ipapasa sa ibang direction (position)..hahaha, alam mo eversun lang talaga ang nagustuhan ko na company sa lahat nang napuntahan ko. I'm happy with the environment and with my friends as well isa naka didto..hahaha..kinsa gani to imo crush sa night?ehem..ehem...hahaha..sige diri nalang kutob mag tan-aw pa tah sine maya so didto nalang tah chika..mwah....

Aice Nice Concepts [in Careers] said...

@princess Cinderella
ahihihi your comment was so touching ^_^ ahihihi

hmmm yup ok ang environment pati un mga classmate natin sa 1st college nan dito

uhmm crush sa night? ahem!
basta masaya ako noon party natin kasi nan doon siya nakita ko at naka usap (^_^)


Felix Tero said...

hey ice,

just browsed your blog today and it was nice to be mentioned in your post. Naalala ko tuloy yung last night shift ko sa eversun. Tagal na pla nun hehe.

Aice Nice Concepts said...

Thanks for your comment Felix!

Yeah Felix your last night was my first night (^_^)
I was very surprise kasi sa meeting ko lang nalaman that was your last night.
Musta kana?
really nice to hear from you!

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