Sunday, June 22, 2008

Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs in 2008

Here we go! as promise to Janet Toral I'm going to make another list of The Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs in 2008 once again after searching and looking at my blogrolls to those who are qualified to join.
Here are my entries:

Ice 9 Web Company (Co.) with Chili Cools (CC) Ideas
This blog talks about company management with chili cools ideas about peer counseling. It's another successor of Ice 9 Web (^_^) but less of the personal stuff and more information.

Isis' Insights
Here is another personal blog of Isis' she talks about anything mostly things i.e. gadgets and technologies and happenings under her life experiences.

What you need to know about BLOGs
A squidoo blog for novice bloggers, you can browse information about blogs namely blogger, wordpress and joomla platforms. Also highlights the first Mindanao Bloggers Summit.

Pieces of. . . Aweng
She is one of my close friends in our office, I can call her one of the treasured friend, because she is sincere and true to you, if she saw something you have done wrong she will say it straight to your face else she will just keep quite. Her blog is more of personal blog and very informative and surprising like her tag line
"Like a box of chocolates, you'll never know what you're gonna get!"

Henshin's Rebirth Blog Site
From the title it says it all, rebirth when he accidentally deleted his previous amazing template blog. He talks from personal life to technology funny jokes.

Survivor Dean
He is an excellent writer who talks almost everything under the sun and so that is what his blog is all about. A psychologist graduate and we work on the same company.

The Truth Behind my Closet
An officemate blog, she calls herself Princess Cinderella a personal blog serves as her on-line diary about her thoughts, rambling and struggles in life. She often wrote about the things that are important to her family, friends and work.

Is it colorful or Not?
Another officemate blog, Jean also a personal blog that talks mostly about love life and stories with a little twist of selling houses! gosh ^_^, she is not a writer but her blog tells that she is like one, so I would say YES it is indeed colorful blog.

BlogSite that talks about web programming, he is a web developer, my previous seatmate, now working as freelancer, he writes programming experiences, techniques and ideas for AS, PHP, and JavaScript.

Mar Roxas for President
This blog is not created by Mar Roxas but instead his number one fan Kevin Ray Chua, a 17 year old BSIT studet in Cebu Institute of Technology, he firmly believes that Mar Roxas is the best President for 2010 whew! lets see (^_^)


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Aice Nice Concepts said...

Nice! you can also check my post related to this article (^_^)

Ice 9 Web

Roy L. Besiera said...

Im glad you consider my blog as one of the emerging/influential ones out there.

Aice Nice Concepts said...

Syempre po Roy B.
influential ka nga kasi nahawa ako sa PHP fanatic mo eh ^_^

Kevin Ray said...

thanks a lot! i'm grateful for it!

Henshin said...

Wow I'm flattered..^_^

Thank you for considering my blog site as one of the emerging/influential blog sites. Well, I'm doing my best and give time to my blog site daily to update and deliver anything. Thanks!

Princess Cinderella said...

hello naks im glad that you include my blog as top 10 influential blogs in 2008....thank you..thank you talaga..muah...godbless you..muah

jean said...

heheheh...Im happi.. coz you consider my blog as one of the emerging/influential...hehehehe salamat talaga ha.. touch naman ako..:)

... natawa talaga ako sa word na "selling houses"hahaha... nag-iisang house lang po yan,, kakainis nga eh hndi pa nabibili... huhuhuhu...

salamat po ng marami..:D

Aice Nice Concepts said...

Your Welcome Kevin Ray ^_^

yeah Henshin sana na backup mo un mga posts mo dati kasi maganda un eh... your welcome

Princess Cinderella: your welcome

ahihihi! Jean yeah medyo talagang colorful un Blog mo eh daming topics

AwengMoralBasco said...

Salamat... :)

Dean Ryan G. Martin said...

This is really cool. Survivor Insights is thanking you from head to foot.

Expect more coolest stuffs in it about music (R&B, of course), movie and product reviews and anything that is cheesy, insightful and talk-of-the-town.

Peace and Love, Ice! Stay healthy and smart...

Aice Nice Concepts said...

@Elvie and Dean:
You're welcome (^_^)

jean said...

nyahehehehe colorful nga cguro Aice kasi bisag walay klaro na topic e-post nku.. wahahahah cge lng walay magboot sa ako.. toinkz.. lamat ulit ha... mwah...

Help mo naman ako para ma sell ang haus na yan.. nyeheheh... si antie ko kasi request nya yan para dw madaling mabenta pero til now hndi pa nabili.. hehehehe

halung permi aice! Stay COOL! GBU

Aice Nice Concepts said...

Naks! naa ko'y commission ana Jean?

kung e benta nako (^_^) sige try lang nako :)

yup you're right wala'y gyud mag buot sa imong blog kung unsa imong i-sulti mao na to ayaw lang pud target ug uban blog (^_^) kay blog war na try lang kay musikat gyud ka ma spam (^_^) said...

Hello Aice. This is to mark your entry as complete. Please don't forget to confirm your attendance for the August 11 eyeball. Thank you.

Aice Nice Concepts said...

ok tita,
san kaya un eyeball (^_^)

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