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What is Rebirth and Reincarnation?

One of my officemates and I had a conversation about it this morning since I was early at work 6:50 due to my task in Database downloading anyway, his religion was Buddhism he opened to me what his religion is all about and I was just listening. It seem to me they believe in “what you are in the past is what makes you who you are now” so i asked “you believe in reincarnation then?” he said “no but it is rebirth” oh i see! Hmmm we argued a bit and i told him that rebirth and reincarnation are the same like synonyms... anyway since he was 7am to 4pm shift our conversation was cut.

So here are my research about our topic.

What is reincarnation?
According to Merriam Webster dictionary
Main Entry:
1 a: the action of reincarnating : the state of being reincarnated b: rebirth in new bodies or forms of life; especially : a rebirth of a soul in a new human body
2: a fresh embodiment

So basically I'm right it is the synonym of rebirth, but

What is rebirth?
Merriam Webster dictionary said again that:
Main Entry:
1 a: a new or second birth : metempsychosis b: spiritual regeneration
2: renaissance, revival [a rebirth of nationalism]

hmm pano bah eto halos pareho bah or hindi?

In my opinion yes they are the same but I guess the meaning from his religion may be “not the same”.
This issue is not yet settled but I strongly believe in the Bible and its not written there about reincarnation although the point that “what we are before makes who we are now” i think its what you have chosen in the past like past decision and past mistakes that you should pay now or in the future.
Although in the past life is what makes you are now? Hmmm, ganito
have you ever wonder why you are angry with one person you just met? But you have not seen that person yet you don't have any "compatibility vibes" with the person?
Could it be that person was your enemy in the past?
Or how can you explain that strange feeling when you meet someone and seem "to like/love" him/her right away? Could it be you were mate in the past life?

Haha! (^_^) can you answer those?

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Engr. Cesar Noel said...

ang alam ko lang na re-incarnation is ung re-incarnation na nilalaro namin ni James....TIRA NA!!!! \m/

zedeMichra said...

yeah! its best! very best! believe in bible. believe in GOD with all your heart.

Jam said...

this is beyond the wildest imagination but from your point of view, it somehow creates possibilities.

RoNaLd said...

Needless to say, people who take personal responsibility for their destinies are not easily manipulated by politicians.

Aice Nice Concepts said...

wahaha grabeh promotion ha (^_^)

yeah Believe in one God nalang (^_^)

naks very insightful and hmmm possibilities of what?

sure ka dari gyud ka dapat mag comment joker man ka (^_^)
pag sure oi (^_^)

marydane said...

"What is Rebirth and Reincarnation?" I guess Merriam Webster said it all.:) As much as I want to say I don't believe either of these two is happening, I can't.;) I always thought of these two terms as something associated with religion so I have nothing against people who lived with these belief.

Ate Babet said...

Jesus had a discourse with the rich man Nicodemus(John 3:7)"Marvel not that I said unto thee, Ye must be born again". In the previous verse He talks about a physical birth and a spiritual birth. Therefore to be born again is a spiritual birth. It is the change of heart we experience as we model our lives after the Savior.

On the other hand reincarnation seems to be a different thing. Bale the same spirit takes on different persons. If I am not mistaken sa philosophy na ito if you improve your life (ie. better person) na iimprove rin kung saan ka marereincarnate. Ngayon ang question anong body ang pipiliin ng spirit mo sa next life. I feel that the 'de javu' we experience is because we once lived together as spirits with our Heavenly Father. We call this the Plan of Salvation.

Henshin said...

Rebirth for me is something like for example, a website without a back up was accidentally delete then you will be back for another try. There you go.^_^ Parang blog ko dati.

RoNaLd said...

ahaha.murag lingaw tingali nang reincarnation na ingon ni engr. ah.hmmmnn.

@ice bitaw nasaag ang comment naku.hehe. OK mao ni ako masulti.

If we doubt that reincarnation do exist maybe it does exist but if we don't have a doubt,it wouldn't be existing. Because according to Rene Descartes, " I think therefore, I exist". He doubted that he is existing that's why he can prove that he was existing because of the doubt. hehehe. naglibog ko sa ako gisulti da.tsk3x.basta mao na to.#-o

jigs said...

i have read a book about reincarnation its idea is human perfection that we are part of God described as little sparks. if we can perfect our lives we will return to that light (God). if this life will not be perfected we will just repeat the cycle of life and death. it is also stated there that there is a passage in the bible which Jesus talks about this >

How could an unborn child commit a sin so serious that it warranted the punishment of blindness? Would a just and loving God ever impose such a punishment? If you consider the Old Testament law of an eye for an eye, it would follow that blindness would be a punishment for destroying the sight of another human being. How could an unborn child possibly inflict blindness upon anyone?

Instead of such contrived theological arguments, would it not be simpler to say that the man had sinned in a previous lifetime? He was born blind as a result of the actions he committed in that life. I will leave the answer to you.

hehehe taas nun no?. well it is only ourselves which can save us. just have faith and always follow your heart.

danzrev said...

Well when we speak about religion, for there is no argument about that, thats your own personal belief, as you have said reincarnation is not written in the my answer is yes also, now the argument is this wither rebirth and reincarnation is the same if you base your answer on what is written on uncle webster then we can say that is the same is short it is synonymous to each other, but when we go differ as far my understanding is concern rebirth and reincarnation is in different state, Why? Because when we say rebirth not necessarily you will go back in into your mothers womb and be born again as new baby, but reincarnation is a process of you must be born again and with the same spirit with a new body, just like the story of the forbidden kingdom...

aDmiral said...

hmm...i don't believe at rebirth or reincarnation,'s just not biblical.

Aice Nice Concepts said...

wow I never thought that you don't believe in that (^_^) thanks for the comment

@Ate Babet:
Tita, maraming salamat po talaga sa comment (^_^)
bale tama po you have spoken from the Bible very inspirational po un insights ninyo and well said maraming salamat po talaga

wahaha nice comment ha with matching promotion of your blog parang na promote pud nako imong blog noh! (^_^)

medyo nalibog ko sa unang basa ko sa imong gi sulti
but now I understand what you meant.
yeah if you don't doubt then there is no reason for existence tama nga ganon nga pero if you doubt then you have many reason it does not exist

yes I quite believe in that statement "its idea is human perfection that we are part of God described as little sparks. if we can perfect our lives we will return to that light (God). if this life will not be perfected we will just repeat the cycle of life and death"
kaya lang minsan I doubt pud pano un hindi talaga tayo pwede ma-re incarnate as animals or insects diba? para ma perfect dapat tao parin diba (^_^)
may pagka-philosopho pud diay ka jigs noh

very well said (^_^) parang ganon na nga un hindi ka pwede "go back to your mother's womb" but you can be born again with same spirit and different HUMAN body thanks for your comment

Ice 9 Web.Co.CC said...

ok yes wala nga siya sa Bible (^_^)

Mike S. said...

There is NO point in discussing of what rebirth or reincarnation UNLESS we realize not only intellectually that WE are like any other matter in the known universe...made up of energy...Let us be reminded that energy can neither be created nor destroyed...Law of Thermodynamics ata yan...

You arrive at your own conclusion...

The answer kung baga the answer is blowing in the wind...

Let us build a world where being human is reason enough to smile...

click here to be led to an Answer

Engr. Cesar Noel said...

Seriously speaking Ice, Rebirth has various meanings depending on how you interpret the word. Reincarnation on my opinion is almost specifically refers to "coming back to life". Kung sa magic the gatgering pa na. ang Rebirth 3GGG unya sorcery then balik sa top of the library...ang Recincarnation 1GG unya instant play dayon ang creature...sensya na takdan lang kong James...TIRA na JAMES!

James said...

Difference ... pag sabot nako sa naka post sa blog ..

Reincarnation: in new bodies or forms of life

Rebirth: revival

Reincarnation in a new body .. in short you can be an animal, plant or any living thing.. pero Rebirth sa Re - means repeat .. its possible na same type of body gihapon .. its like reviving a song di ba same lyrics .. pero naa lang few changes .. or addons pero same lang gihapon meaning .. akong masulti is mas gamay lang changes sa Rebirth kaysa reincarnation.. hehehe TIRA sar .. k na ni aice ?,

jigs said...

dapat no mag born again mo para maka experience mog reincarnation.

Aice Nice Concepts said...

@Mike S.
This post is meant for realization about the topic Rebirth and ReIncarnation, I would like to know who among us in the office believe and are interested to such topic, like what the commentor said "He doubted that he is existing that's why he can prove that he was existing because of the doubt."
anyway regarding the LAW OF THERMODYNAMICS "Energy can neither be created nor destroyed" i guess you said its the Law of Thermodynamics and not the Law of any rebirth nor reIncarnation (^_^) I think you can relate that law in evolution and Big Bang theory

serious gyud ka yah! games man na oi (^_^)

hmmm nice concepts james, maka-enlighted gyud imong comment

actually mahirap mag salita about born again related to my topic kasi true Born Again christians do not believe in rebirth and reincarnation

jinggoi said...

Aa ka simpol.. rebirth, re incarnation or resurection are all seems to be SYNONIMOUS ryt? so dre ko sa resurection.. dnt wory kitang tanan maka try rata anang resurection or rebirth nga gi ingon ninyo.. the Bible talks only 2 kinds of resurection.. found in

John 5:29
And shall come forth; they that have done good, unto the resurrection of life; and they that have done evil, unto the resurrection of damnation..

so? maka try ta dba? they that have done good? resurrection of life. ug? they that have done evil, unto the resurrection of damnation..

and? WALA WALA WALA juy chance ang patay ma buhi.. why?

God Says..
Psalms 78-39, They are "but flesh, a breath that passes away and does not come again"

Job 14:2, Man "'comes forth like a flower and fades away; he flees like a shadow and does not continue'" .

"The dead know nothing" (Eccl. 9:5).

(Ps. 146:4, KJV). 3. Death brings an end to all the days activities

(Eccl. 9:10). 4. Death disassociates us from those who are awake, and from their activities. "Nevermore will they have a share in anything done under the sun"

The dead do not praise the Lord" (Ps. 115:17).

last nalng ni..

If we accept Jesus Christ as personal Saviour (1 John 5:11-13), Only then will we be changed from mortal to immortal, from corruptible to incorruptible.

i hope wala mo na kontento sa ako comment.. so that? mag research pa mo.. ky ang tao nga kontento? dli na magresearch ug dugang ideas.. hehe.. God Bless..

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